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The Harvest Time Group has an opportunity to share the great news on how to escape the paycheck to paycheck mentality by encouraging our communities how to set ourselves financially free and their families for generations to come. You remember this one thing, we were not meant to be here to work ourselves to death & die!


We have news so valuable & beneficial to those who want it. God is telling us to go out to the community from state to state to share this good news. 


We thought about how the Lord used us in changing the lives of consumers for the past 23 years. We both were taken back with amazement and even concern with those who still have not found their way of recovery. It’s because people are traditionally offended by the suggestion of discipline.


Struggling & complaining about finances has become a habit. Misery loves company. Misery keeps you traditional. Misery gets you to maintain your habits. Misery ignores the truth. Misery concentrated on lack. Misery easily gives up. Misery always thinks just the opposite and never willing to think outside the box. But the antidote for misery will weaken its foundation and help others to fully understand their true potential to reach success.


This is why education and knowledge are so important. The knowledge of what’s good and what’s evil against us in this vast changing economic system. Therefore, it is our commitment to fulfill our One Million Man Mandate across America, to teach the principles of our calling to impact Americans. To educate the vulnerable, and shed the light to the unknown. 


Evil comes in different forms, and the American public needs to know how to identify it at their local bank. Their mortgage company. Their grocery store. Their insurance policies. And the elite themselves. This is truly a mandate to establish a community of self-driven, hungry and motivated individuals who want change. 


We are fully persuaded to commit to this assignment as experienced consultants, business owners, and Commissioned Chaplains.



Carlton E. Dasher is the Co-Founder, with 34 years of financial & money management experience. Carlton graduated from the University of Memphis, with a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is a Retired U.S. Navy veteran. He is a Senior Funding Advisor / Certified Business Credit Consultant.  He is the Facilitator Instructor for both, "Strategies For Living Financially Free" Adult & Youth Money Management Workshop/s in Goodyear, AZ. He is also a Licensed Chaplain. On November 11, 2018, he was commissioned as an Apostolic Marketplace Teacher influencing the Seven Mountains through Education. Last, he is the Chairman of the Board for The Harvest Time Group of Investors. 

Carlton E. Dasher

Co-Founder / Senior Financial Consultant

Kerry L. Dasher


Co-Founder / Administrator

Kerry L. Dasher

Co-Founder / Administrator

Kerry L. Dasher provides a full service in Administration to help clients fulfill their goals & expectations. Kerry has a B.S. Business Administration – University of Phoenix, 37 Years of Business Administration, 20 Years Nonprofit Business Administration. She is an Entrepreneur, Designer, Author of the Companies first book, "Strategies For Living Financially Free," Poet, Dancer, and Licensed Chaplain. On November 11, 2018, she was commissioned as an Apostolic Marketplace Teacher influencing the Seven Mountains through Education.

Tracey Angelo

HTG Certified Finance Consultant

Oakland, CA

Carolyn Johnson


Interviewing Consultant

Las Vegas, NV

Percy Abrams Sr.

HTG Certified Finance Consultant

Lakewood, CA

Shirley Allen

HTG Certified Finance Consultant

Murrietta, CA Office

Corporate Office

Avondale, AZ

Dianne Woods

HTG Field Representative

Jacksonville, FL

12725 W Indian School Rd, Ste E-101 Avondale AZ United States 85392  /  /  Corporate Website: / Corporate Office: (877) 726-7608




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