Harvest Time Group Membership Benefits & Instructions To Join   



Harvest Time Group would like to invite you to join our organization. Our organization was formed by a professional group of members with a common goal to build wealth around the world to meet the urgent needs of citizens in our communities through outreach and to advance the Kingdom of God. Our assignment is to make an impact in our communities to affect change. Our financial resources allow us an opportunity to solve many of the economic challenges our communities face. We are persuaded in helping our members to create a foundation for success in their lives by pursuing their lifelong financial dreams. All strategies & suggestions are highly recommended based on our professional opinion or existing affiliation will other professionals in the industry.


To become an official member, you are required to complete the attached fillable documents below and submit back to us. You receive the following benefits as a member;

* Private HTG Website access (Password is changed every month on the 1st)

* Access to our “Weekly Cash Flow Team Conference Calls,” Live every Friday morning at 10:00 am, Arizona time. Or, receive the recorded calls.

* Invitation to our Annual National Conference, which rotates between two states, California & Arizona.

* If you're an Asset Protection Customer of ours, you receive a free invite to our annual Asset Protection & Incorporation Workshop. If you are a Non-Member, the general public fee is $250.

* Receive Daily Podcast, for Up-To-Date Intel. (Monday - Thursday)

* Access to more saving tips and income generating opportunities.

* Access to first-hand opportunities to have ownership in new business ventures we launch.

* You will be the first to know when newly launched CryptoCurrency opportunities arise.

* Access to "Mutual Trust Coin" Venture at 1 cent per coin. (HTG Members, only)

* Building Your Own Banking System.

* Establish Your 25 to 50 Year Retirement Plan.

* Building Your Credit-Worthiness

* Assign You A Wealth Manager That Works For You & Not The Bank.

* Position Yourself To Establish Banking Overseas.

* And, Income earning incentives...


You will have an opportunity to connect with a great group of individuals striving to win the war on debt, eliminate poverty and aim their personal way towards success.  We ask that you consider joining us upon receipt of this message. There is a small membership fee of $120 for the entire year. Plus a $70 fee for our “Strategies For Living Financially Free” Class which is required for all first year members. Each year thereafter, the fee is $120. This feature provides maximum security against the general public in the process of secrecy as people of wealth. In other words, you will not become a financial target. You may also submit your membership fee for the entire year at the bottom of the main website "Donate" button. Go to www.harvesttimegroup.org. Once deposit is made and opening benefits are received, no refund is authorized. You build new relationships and learn new strategies to combat any economic downfall that may approach us in the future. What a wonderful opportunity to know you have an organization that has you covered.


Annual renewal fees are due at the beginning of our fiscal year date, November 30th. The fee covers your membership for the next 12 months until November 30th of the following year.


Once you pay the dues, we provide you with the password for private website access. Warning: All members voted to agree for strict privacy. Therefore, if any violation occurs, you will be subject to immediate dismissal and financial litigation with our Corporate Attorney. Non-Members are not authorized to any access, period!


We ask that you strongly consider The Harvest Time Group!

You must sign our Membership Proprietary Agreement document and return.









CryptoCurrency Community Members


These are individuals who merely joined one of our Income earning ventures on the internet, such as TBC2 ICO, Bitcoin, Ethereum, CryptoBuilder, or any other venture in building tangible wealth, but do not have access to Membership benefits because they have not decided to connect with our Membership community and pay the annual dues. Access to confidential information is restricted due to non-membership.

12725 W Indian School Rd, Ste E-101 Avondale AZ United States 85392  /  info.harvesttimegroup@gmail.com  /  Corporate Website: www.harvesttimegroup.org / Corporate Office: (877) 726-7608




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