The Falsehood of Bitcoin

November 25, 2017


Whenever anyone says anything negative about Bitcoin, simply ask them this one single question: “what do you have available that can out perform my current opportunity to build passive wealth and assure my family’s financial future?”

If their suggestion is not sufficient, then their former negative comment is just an opinion. Therefore, their opinion is as good as the toilet paper I used yesterday!

Never forget, when your financial lifestyle changes for the better, there are times you enter into the lions den facing many uncertainties of your ability to reach the peak many naysayers
have tried to accomplish since their struggle to do so themselves. That’s why their comments and opinions are negative.

Here’s the key; there is nothing wrong with Bitcoin. It gains, it loses, because it’s connected to the exchange market. Also, there is nothing wrong with having fiat currency ( the dollar ). What we need to learn is how to hedge the dollar in this corrupt industry.

If the dollar is losing it’s value, why is the banking industry defending it?

If American workers are extending their time at their current employer to make ends meet before they retire, you have to ask yourself why is this happening.

If retirement plans are so great on the job, then why is 75% of Americans seeking other means to build wealth?

If Bitcoin is a fraud, then why isn’t someone in jail who created it? Why are the top 140 banks around the world adopting it? It allows you to make a profit in a short period and the naysayers are stating that’s a bad thing?

Why are the money managers at your local bank telling you to watch out or be careful when investing in Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrency? Is it because if you had the same value in your bank account they have in their vault, you wouldn’t need them?

You really have to ask yourself does the bank really care about your financial future. If the banks were sincere about our well-being, then why aren’t they teaching us how to capitalize as they has and are continually doing?

Why is Bitcoin and other CryptoCurrencies such a big deal when great hard working citizens such as yourselves begin to prosper financially, but it’s not a big deal and no repercussions when the banks cheat American citizens with faulty programs, unrealistic strategies, devastating results, Wall Street ripoffs, Insurance scams, deregulation to protect the wealthy, lower taxes for the rich, higher prescription cost against the poor, the reduction of traditional tax write offs for working American just trying to get by. Nothing but talk, but no action. The rich thrive to get richer, while the poor struggle on.
When does it come to an end? When? Finally, a great idea comes to the fore-front. An idea that corrupts the continual plan against the rich and wealthy. A plan that shakes the core of their dominants. An opportunity for you and I to become wealthy just like them. This is causing them to lose their power & ability to control us.

We have a great opportunity to share the great news how to escape the paycheck to paycheck mentality by opening our mouths and encouraging the ones we love the most how to set ourselves up and their families for generations to come. Just speaking a word or two can change an entire community, but a closed mouth can’t even feed the homeless.

You remember this one thing, you were not meant to be here to work yourself to death & die!


Carl Dasher


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