Chaplains Carlton &

Kerry Dasher, Founders

Our current trends of family life indicate a decline. Single parent households are growing through divorce and non-committals; underlying societal influences of mind-sets and behaviors are contributing to disrespect, identity crisis, toxic emotions, mental & relational learning issues. The overwhelming diagnoses of ADHD & Bipolar disorders. Substance abuse. Violence, homicide & suicides; effecting the value and regard of life among our teenagers. Family relationships are effected from financial turmoil, teenage pregnancies, which sometimes result in abortions. The cause: The lack of knowledge and want for the truth. Our youth and families need to know and understanding their personal value/worth, purpose and potential. The lack of true and sound principles severely impacts communities at every level.

In collaboration with community businesses and members, TLRC has and is developing a generation of inspirational development through leadership. Equipping and providing youth the opportunity to acquire the principles, attitudes and skills that lead to success.

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Video explanation of the Learning Center.

Here she is again with us celebrating her achievement, graduating from Grand Canyon University in Nursing.

Homeless Youth Connection

Goodyear, AZ

Urbita Elementary

San Bernardino, CA

Our Adult Classes, both physical & webinar classes are available.

"Strategies For Living Financially Free." Order your workbook here for $35 / Class Fee $50.

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"A Beacon of Hope"

Youth & Adult Programs

You can reach us at 877-726-7608, Ext. 2


A 501(C)3 non-Profit Public Benefit, Evidence & Faith Based Cooperative Charitable Organization ID# 91-2020917

State of Arizona

To register, go to

If you desire to help us continue to raise up generational leaders, we ask that you strongly consider supporting this mission by using the donation button below. You will receive a tax deductible receipt for your support.

                             As of Oct. 31, 2018, we have been advised  by our Senior Pastor/Apostle that through our                                                     Ascend International (AI) Network Kerry & I will be Commissioned as Marketplace Teachers, an                                             Assignment that we’ve functioned in for some time, and by Holy Spirit’s appointment together within                                 harmony of AI’s vision, we receive all the blessings, graces, anointing, favor & glory of God in revealing                               & manifesting the Kingdom of God & fulfilling His appointed Assignments including the million man                                   mandate through our nonprofit A Beacon of Hope. 


We invite you to join us, our children, church family & community for this commissioning service on Sunday, November 11th at 6:00 pm at Skyway Church, 14900 W. Van Buren St., Goodyear, AZ. For those that are out of state, we invite you to be in prayer for us during that time. 

Thank you!


Abundant blessings, 

Carl & Kerry



Junior Entrepreneur & Mentorship Program:

Effective immediately, we're launching enrollment for our "junior Entrepreneur & Mentorship Program.


Purpose & Mission


To build & establish a new series of young generational business men & women in the marketplace to excel in their new careers through a process of preparation.


Qualifications for consideration:

1. Must be between the ages of 12 to 16 years old.

2. Must provide proof of maintaining a "C" or 2.8 grade point average.

3. Must complete a 3 page essay why they feel they're the perfect candidate.

4. Must be raised by a single parent, or the only sibling in the household.

5. Must have a 1 page recommendation letter from the parent. One letter of recommendation from a clergy in their community.

6. Must be involved in some type of community activity or sports.

7. Must not possess any kind of juvenile criminal record at this time.

8. Must complete our entrance application, along with photo, such as student ID.

9. Must possess basic computer skills. (A must)



1. All steps for consideration above must be received no later than December 23, 2018.

2. All candidates cannot miss more than one single session during the training periods.

3. Parents must provide a monthly progress report on their student to remain eligible.

4. All assignments must be turned in on time, when required.

5. Each candidate will have to go through a "Junior Sharnk Presentation" to make sure they're ready for launch.



1. All eligible candidates selected will receive a full scholarship for the entire program.

2. After completing the program, all candidates will be honored with accounts to build funds for their business venture.

3. A formal graduation ceremony will be conducted to honor all successful graduates.

4. We will personally introduce the graduates to our key & connected Millionaire Businessmen & Women around the World. (U.S. & Europe)


Note: If an interested candidate does not meet the qualification standards above, but truly desires to be trained, the parent & child must undergo a personal interview with our staff, write a 3 page consideration letter, turn in 2 letters of consideration from a clergy and one adult relative. Last, the parent must be willing to financially fund the program for the candidate.

To enroll, use the following link and fax completed document to 623-687-9464, followed by a phone confirmation of receipt of documents.

12725 W Indian School Rd, Ste E-101 Avondale AZ United States 85392  /  /  Corporate Website: / Corporate Office: (877) 726-7608




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